Validation Tool w/STEP-IGES Translators AS

Kubotek Validation Tool IGES/STEP prevents costly inaccuracies from unintentional edits or translation errors. Use Kubotek Validation Tool IGES/STEP to mathematically compare authority IGES or STEP files from any software to derivative or copy IGES, STEP, or points files and visually locate each difference. Or, for quick diagnostics, choose to use the simple pass/fail reporting. Further customize your use of Validation Tool IGES/STEP with its powerful reporting options, as well as digitally certify compliance with criteria that you set, including Boeing D6-51991 “Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition.”
Use Validation Tool IGES/STEP in applications for:
  • Detecting translation changes as CAD data is passed from one CAD system to another
  • Detecting design changes
  • Validation for long term archiving of CAD data
  • Validation for CAD model migration

Formats Supported:
IGES, STEP, and point copy files

License type | Standalone or Network Floating

Permanent License Price: $2245
Annual Maintenance: $750

Total Price: $2995

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