HighRES Integrated Point Processor (HIPP) for KeyCreator

HighRES Integrated Point Processor (HIPP) for KeyCreator provides an integration between KeyCreator and HIPP reverse engineering software for precise creation of points in 3D space from CMM data collected from devices from MicroScribe, FARO, or ROMER. 

HIPP for KeyCreator creates native KeyCreator entities (points, polylines, or splines) which are fully compatible with all KeyCreator modeling functions.  

Note: This software purchase includes a USB key (additional shipping and taxes applied). This module requires the separate purchase of stand-alone HIPP point cloud software available at ReverseEngineering.com and a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

License type | Standalone or Network Floating

Permanent License Price: $3995
Annual Maintenance: $875

Total Price: $4870

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