MetaCut Utilities by Northwood Designs

MetaCut Utilities (MCU) is a toolpath verification/simulation and G-code view/edit utility stand-alone software program. This program is highly-recommended for testing G-code files after they have been output through KeyCreator's post-processor and before they are run on your CNC machine tool. 

MCU features include:
  • 3D dynamic backplot of g-code files with synchronized faces/code line highlighting
  • Graphical g-code editing (renumber, find/replace, compare, revision history, etc.)
  • 3-axis verification and gouge/crash detection 
  • Cutting time calculation and chip volume graph
  • Re-start program from point of interruption 
MCU can be started from inside KeyCreator and drives an integrated toolpath animation window in KeyCreator.

License type | Standalone or Network Floating

Permanent License Price: $595
Annual Maintenance: $0

Total Price: $595

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