KeyCreator Artisan AS

The KeyCreator Artisan program converts 3D models in KeyCreator into photorealistic images for digital prototyping, design reviews or images for websites, brochures. Associative updates from KeyCreator to the scene in the stand-alone Artisan program are handled by function calls integrated in KeyCreator. 

Features include:
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Preset materials, lighting, backplates
  • High quality real-time navigation
  • Global illumination
  • SnapShot render variations
  • Material textures, finishes and bumps
  • HDR reflections and lighting
  • Output images to file
  • Output LWA files (Lightworks)
  • Downloadable materials and backgrounds

Wheel rims rendered using KeyCreator Artisan

License type | Standalone or Network Floating

Permanent License Price: $495
Annual Maintenance: $125

Total Price: $620

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